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Mega Alliance provide a number of services and solutions to our Customers.

Web Development

We offer low cost programming and design services for every aspect of website development. Our strengths include fresh and creative graphic design, solid information architecture, and useful Web interactive features including polls, e-newsletters, message boards and forums. We use a combination of Microsoft Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, SQL Server and straight web design to create pages that work in almost every browser and are more efficient to develop. When we integrate this technology into your web site, you gain significant benefits over conventional technology.

Database Application Development

We are subject matter experts in database application development & design. We understand that the success of complex applications depends on the design of the database and associated data structures. Our database design specialists have extensive experience in designing from this perspective. Getting the design right the first time means your application functions properly the first time, and every time.

Data Capture

We provide quality service for data capture for your business critical documents and records. The benefits to you can be document identification, data analysis, records inventory and quicker access to your documents.

Business Venture Support Services

We help you grow your business by helping you identify opportunities in Vietnam and the United States. Our consultants are knowledgeable in the culture, language and common business practices and can help you navigate and avoid common pitfalls.

Last updated: June 2018
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